Monday, August 29, 2016

Modern Crosses Quilt

I just completed the Modern Crosses Quilt, a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. I doubled the size over her original 30 x 30 quilt to make mine 60 x 30, so that it can function as a horizontal wallhanging.

Piecing this quilt was fairly easy, as it uses a slash 'n sew technique to create the wonky crosses. Composing the finished pieces took a little more care as an accurate quarter-inch seam actually matters, since we're putting together panels that all contain different numbers of crosses. I used a pack of fat quarters from Free Spirit that I received in a Quilty Box, and I'm not 100% happy with the way the colors and prints worked out. Even though this pack is "coordinated", I suspect if I had done my own fabric audition, I would have been able to get a more pleasing combination.

Due to how busy the fabric was and the fact that the crosses were wonky, I decided to do an allover quilting design to tie it together instead of custom quilting. I did an allover Paisley design, which I'm really happy with. The Handi Quilter quilts like a dream. I didn't end up using the regulator much, as I found it too much of a hassle, and I think my stitches are even enough.

I used a plain muslin backing since the back is not meant to be seen, but it really shows off the quilting well, so in hindsight that may not have been a bad choice. For the binding, instead of cutting strips like I usually do I picked a few coordinating strips from a jelly roll. I think I really like this option for the binding, as it's both convenient and more interesting to look at than a binding that's all one color or pattern.

I still don't quite know how to hang this. I don't like using a dowel, so I'm going to have to look into magnetic or clipping methods. I'll post my findings on how to hang this once I manage to figure it out.

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