Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Handiwork (Build-A-Block) Quilt

I'm always shocked by how quickly time passes, and I'm definitely reminded of it when I decide to pull out a quilt to finish it, and realized I pieced the top 4 years ago. It just didn't feel like that long! But it does feel like time has been on a speed warp ever since 2020, it's like COVID warped my view of time forever.

I finished piecing Handiwork in November of 2019. Handiwork is a Build-A-Quilt (block of the month) run by Angela Walters, and the fabric is Handiwork by Alison Glass. I really loved working on this one because the fabric is stunning, and of course, the final layout is very interesting, definitely not like a typical sampler quilt.

I've worked on just a few sampler quilts in my time, and one of the things I really enjoyed is going to town designing something interesting for each block. If I didn't enjoy quilting it, it doesn't matter because there's only the one anyway!

The background of this quilt definitely calls for swirls. I do love filling large swaths of the background with swirls, and though I occasionally I think I overuse this design, most of the time, I'm fine with it.

I did leave out a border from the original design, because I didn't like the way it looked, and I hate putting borders on anyway. I really love the end result, and of course, the cherry on the top is the lovely binding fabric!

I think I've already finished more quilts this year than all of last year, and it's only the middle of the year, so I'm really happy with my progress this year! But now that summer is in full swing, all bets are off, as I know I tend to get really slow in the summer and then have a hard time revving back up the engine after.


  1. You quilt beautiful swirls and the fact that Angela loves them too seems like a nice connection as well. :)

  2. Beautiful colors. Beautiful quilting. Swirl away--you can never overdue swirls!!!


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