Thursday, February 23, 2023


I rate every quilt top I piece from 1 to 5, where 1 = What was I thinking, and 5 = OMG I'll keep it forever. Well, very few quilts ever become a 5, and even if they do, I very rarely finish them because I find it tough to finish my favorites! But I decided to pull out a 5 for my first quilt of the year, and Peaks is it.

In fact, Peaks is not only a 5-star quilt for me, but it's also one of my absolute favorites that I've ever made. It's a combination of the pattern, the fabric (both designed by Natalie Barnes) and of course, some wonderful memories I have attached to the piecing of this quilt that makes it such a special quilt to me.

I bought the kit for this quilt on a whim because I loved it so much, but I didn't make it for awhile because I was intimidated by its seeming complexity. I then ran into Natalie at a quilt show, and after chatting with her, she assured me I could do it. And after I got home, I did! It turned out a lot easier than I expected, and the whole piecing experience was so fun too.

After I got Peaks on the frames, I stared at it for a long time, unsure of what to do. I haven't experienced drawing a complete blank on what to quilt for a very long time, but I think the stakes for this quilt is oh-so-high because I love it oh-so-much.

I ended up deciding that each type of block will get a certain quilting design, and there are only a few different types of blocks: small squares, medium squares, large squares, and spike blocks, and I picked a different design for each type of block.

I had no idea what the final quilt will look like when I started it, but trusted that if I just applied this quilting design consistently across the quilt, it will turn out alright. And it did turn out beautiful! I absolutely love it.

I'm so happy I finished this quilt, and I'll call it now, this is probably already my favorite finish of the year. It's hard to imagine topping it!


  1. Perfect choice to use the same quilting motif in each block. It's beautiful, Liz, and I hope you are enjoying it however you plan to (cuddling under it, hanging it, etc.). :)

  2. Beautiful quilting block solution, Liz!!! I can see why it's a 5, and with a pep talk from the fabric/pattern designer, too!!! Love that backing peeking out the back!!!

  3. Totally love what you have done with quilting this! I think it is the thought of having to come up with a design that suits the top, and worrying about not doing it justice, that puts so many of us off from getting the quilting done on our UFOs. I love that you chose a specific motif for each type of block - it all gels together really beautifully. Enjoy your 5!

  4. I am catching up with your posts, no thanks to Blogger who no longer allows me to get them in my inbox. I can see why this is a top 5 favorite for you - it's gorgeous!


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