Thursday, October 27, 2022

Feathered Star

I've tried to keep up a good ratio lately, trying to quilt 2 quilts for every quilt top I finish. (So far, maybe I'm succeeding at a 1.3 : 1 ratio, but baby steps). The quilt I chose to quilt next is Feathered Star, a pattern by Rebecca Bryan using a fabric line called Geogram by Samarra Khaja.

I vaguely remembered posting about completing the quilt top for Feathered Star so I went searching for it ... and dates don't lie, this quilt top is just over 4 years old! Even though a long time has passed, I still remember it as a pretty challenging project at the time.

But even though piecing this was hard, quilting it was pretty straightforward. I kept the quilting extremely simple in the stars because the print is so busy.

In the diamonds, it was a chance to do some free-motion quilting. The original pattern had this space as black, but I knew black isn't nearly as fun to quilt, so I substituted a light gray.

I was a bit hesitant about this quilt top when I first finished it, because I wasn't sure light gray was the right call for those diamonds as opposed to the extremely striking impression that black diamonds would have made, but I do like the end result a lot!


  1. Even if you aren't quite at your goal of 2:1, quilting more than you are making should start to help you see a difference in your to be quilted stack. I really like the bold colors of the stars and think that you used a light enough gray to really let them shine.

  2. The last few years did all blur together - that is for sure. Your quilt and quilting is so gorgeous. You will get the desired quilting:tops ratio when you want. Meanwhile, I am pleased to be admiring this finish. Happy Halloween!


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