Thursday, December 2, 2021

Cross Tile

In a way, I find that I'm forever playing the matchmaking game in my quilting room. I have a lot of patterns ... and I have a lot of fabric bundles. Finding the right pattern to go with the right fabric is a fun yet stressful experience, because besides taking into account whether the fabric looks right for the pattern, I also prefer to make matches where a majority of the bundle is used up.

When I saw Cross Tile (designed by Quilty Love), I immediately knew which fabric collection to go with it: Matchmade by Art Gallery Fabrics. Matchmade is collection of near-solids, and I particularly like that it's not a typical rainbow palette.

This quilt was really easy to piece, but certainly not boring. When I'm working with a fabric collection I like a lot, it really makes piecing even more enjoyable.

I didn't want to stress about the quilting, so I designed a pretty simple block-style quilt. The foreground is a dot-to-dot design because I don't want to quilt too heavily over AGF fabrics. I really love coming up with dot-to-dot designs, because it feels like I'm solving a puzzle.

In the background I quilted swirls and pebbles, but I decided to add one little element that I think made a big difference: unquilted space. The unquilted areas instantly add some punch and also broke up the background nicely into blocks.

I had planned to finish 18 quilts this year, and at first I was on track, but then ... life happened. However, I'm still very pleased with the 14 quilts that I did manage to finish this year, because I finished some quilts that I had once been reluctant to do because they were too precious, and that's definitely progress!


  1. Another beautiful quilt, Liz. I find the same conundrum when I'm trying to match a bundle with a pattern, especially a favorite bundle. When you shop for your bundles, are you an impulse buyer, or do you know what you are looking for?

  2. Fun dot-to-dot arrangement, Liz! Your pebbles and swirls looks so natural and effortless, but I know better--you're a pro at that background!!! Those connector bars are brilliant!

  3. Congratulations on finishing 14 quilts this year. I know what you mean about finding solving puzzles so satisfying; the dot to dot designs compliment the piecing and prints so well here. And I really like that you left some unquilted areas in the background. Have a wonderful December!

  4. Gorgeous quilt and hooray for 14! The dot to dot is always a great way to treat a block. Nice to see this finish.

  5. Gorgeous quilting, Liz, I love your style and ideas - totally agree with you about not over-quilting AGF fabrics as they are so gorgeous.

  6. Perfect pairing of fabric and pattern!


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