Thursday, October 7, 2021

Glass Candies

Since I've been on a journey lately to finish some of my favorite quilts instead of saving them for later, lately every quilt I've chosen to work on is special. But some are just more special than others.

Glass Candies is one of my all-time favorites. Both the pattern (Dude Ranch) and the fabric (Confetti Ombre) are designed by V & Co. I renamed it Glass Candies because as I was piecing this, I kept thinking of those beautiful Murano glass candies I saw on a trip to Venice.

This quilt is made up of half-square triangles and squares so it was quite easy and lots of fun to put together. The only painful part was assembly as it's assembled on the bias.

I had so much fun coming up with a quilting design for this quilt. I kept things very simple in the foreground (just continuous curves) and went to town in the background, creating geometric secondary designs and complementing them with swirls.

It took me a long time to quilt this, because I was enjoying it so much and wanted to savor the process ... and because it was a lot of quilting. I have the big M-sized bobbin on my longarm, and it still took about 10 bobbins!

I'm thrilled with the end result, as it turned out better than I imagined. This one is a keeper!


  1. Your quilting is gorgeous! I am always amazed when you post another finish at just how pretty they are.

  2. It is definitely a keeper, Liz! V&Co's ombre fabric is so much fun to work with, and the design you chose is so cool. Your quilting is amazing, as usual! Always fun to see your quilts!

  3. Wonderful quilt with spectacular quilting!

  4. What a pretty quilt! And it will serve as a reminder of those Italian glass candies. Perfect!

  5. Wow!! A beautiful quilt, love the pattern, fabric and your wonderful quilting.

  6. Oh, my! I could look at this beauty for a long time, Liz! The colors plus the quilting are mesmerizing!!!

  7. Everything about this is just lovely - super work! I am currently thinking about purchasing a long-arm; Covid has meant I've quashed my plans to travel to Europe in 2022, so I am thinking a long-arm machine would be a great use for the money I've saved up (and my hubby thinks that would be more practical than buying a Mustang car for a mid-life crisis...tempting though that is!)

  8. I came across your blog as I was randomly searching for information about Isacord, and was caught up in the beauty of your quilts and your quilting. I am just starting to learn how to quilt my own quilts and your stuff is very inspiring!


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