Friday, August 13, 2021


The Atmosphere quilt along came along last year at a very unusual time. When it was first announced, the pandemic was barely a blip on my radar. By the time I was making the quilt top for the quilt along, however, things were getting serious. We had just started the lockdowns in my state, and my family was struggling to figure out remote learning. It's hard to imagine that that was almost a year and a half ago!

And now as I'm finishing up this quilt, I can look with a hopeful eye into the future that things might finally be getting back to normal, or normal-ish.

Atmosphere is an all-solids quilt designed by Lee Heinrich consisting of half-square triangles and flying geese, and it is truly spectacular in the array of colors it has! Keeping things organized during piecing time would have been a challenge, but the pattern was so well-written and helped me keep things perfectly organized.

One of the things I particularly love about this quilt is the secondary designs, and I wanted to emphasize that in the quilting. I used a lot of geometric designs and ribbon candies to link the shapes together.

In the more open areas, I used a dense swirl for background. With a matching thread, the swirls add a lot of texture and look so elegant.

I really love all the beautiful colors of this quilt, and it's such a bright and cheerful quilt!


  1. Beautiful quilting. Interesting ribbon candy looks like a variation on pebbling. Always enjoy seeing your quilts.

  2. It certainly was a transitional year, wasn't it? Your quilt with those bright colors, radiates so many emotions - joy, happiness, hope. It's lovely!

  3. I am so glad we are where we are now. The rainbow quilt is exquisite and you did a fabulous job of highlighting the secondary designs. What an awesome job you did on this quilt!

  4. I love how you emphasized the secondary designs with the quilting. As they go across multiple colors they are subtle, but once again your quilting is the perfect compliment to a beautiful design and pieced quilt top.

  5. Hi Liz, your quilt is absolutely stunning. Congrats on a beautiful finish!

  6. This is absolutely stunning. Your quilting is so inspired!

  7. Gorgeous quilt, I love how your quilting is making so much texture!

  8. Oh, my! This is so breathtaking, Liz! Between the fresh, clear colors, fun shapes, ribbon candy and your beautiful swirls, it is just a feast for the eyes!

  9. That is so beautiful! It is a wonderful with the great colors and the wonderful quilting.

  10. Lovely quilts...Could you tell us about HOW you do the quilting. Do you use a Bernina quilting frame with rollers (and what machine on the frame?)or a long arm quilting machine? Or something else?

    1. Thank you, I use an APQS Lenni longarm machine.


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