Thursday, April 23, 2020

Modern X

I'm asked a lot what I do with my finished quilts. The truth is ... not much. I've given a few away to family and friends, and I usually have one draping on the couch that I snuggle under (and which I swap out once every few months). I don't even sleep under my own quilts! I know, I know ... but I don't have much of a say in that.

So I'm excited that this new quilt I've just finished, I do have a use for! It is a wallhanging that is going to go in our side entrance hallway.

This pattern is called Modern X by Christa Watson, it is a simple half-square triangle quilt, but made interesting in the fabric choice and fabric placement. That pop of wasabi is just so beautiful!

Since it's a super modern wallhanging, I kept the quilting very, very simple with all straight lines that basically follow the angles of the triangles. In other words, I used the same design that was on the cover of the pattern. But I didn't feel a need to improve on what's already perfect.

I absolutely love this, and I'm so excited to see it hanging in my hallway! But that's not enough ... now I'm thinking I want to make a throw-sized version of this quilt. It'll be quick and satisfying, exactly what we need in times like this.


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  1. Gorgeous wallhanging! I don't sleep under my quilts, either. I have a giant Cal King sized pineapple log cabin top that is ready to quilt, though. I intended it for our bed from the very beginning -- but now that it's getting time to quilt it, I'm afraid my husband will ruin it if I put it on our bed. (Every time he gets a little pimple or ingrown beard hair, he slathers Clearasil all over his face, gets it all over his pillowcase and sheets, which then get discolored and ruined), If he did that on a quilt that it took me four years to make I would have to murder him, then our kids would be taken away and put in foster care after I was locked away in prison with the other murderers... You see the dilemma.

  2. I think the straight lines really play into the design and give it a dramatic finish. I love that you have a place in mind for this one to hang; it's going to be striking wall art!

  3. Liz the color choices and quilting really make this a gorgeous wall hanging. Glad that you have a placed picked for this beauty.

  4. What a great quilt. My straight line quilting never comes out that even. It's a stunning design.

  5. Love the quilting. I am amazed at how evenly you spaced those very narrow lines. The pop of wasabi is perfect. If that was my quilt, I would probably find excuses to walk by it multiple times a day just to gaze upon it.

  6. It will be gorgeous hanging up. Funny how that HST can do so many interesting things.

  7. This turned out beautifully and I'm glad you have a plan for it!


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