Thursday, March 26, 2020


About a year and a half ago (has it been that long already?) I was signed up to take a class with Sharon McConnell of Color Girl Quilts. The pattern she was teaching was Pisces, a double curve quilt using her Classic Curves ruler. I had spent a few hours precutting fabric (Dot Crazy by Modern Quilt Studio) the night before and I was ready to go.

But I never made it to class. The weather that day was icy and slushy, and on the way there, my car got stuck going up a slight incline. It took me 20 minutes to extricate myself, and I knew that on the way to the quilt guild, it could very well happen again, so I headed home. I was bummed about missing out on the class, and knew the only way I would feel better is if I made this quilt anyway.

Well ... I did! Through Sharon's instructions in the pattern, I managed to make those double curves. I really liked the finished top with the black / white contrasting background, and the Dot Crazy fabric started to look more Asian the more I stared at it.

The most prominent design I used in this quilt is just straight lines, spaced half an inch apart. But I didn't just want to do straight lines, so I used a few other designs like plume feathers and continuous curves which I carried across each diagonal.

I quilted several different designs for the arches. This is my first time quilting in an arched space, which is sort of like a linear strip but a little more difficult. I think they came out okay, though!

After an intense quilt like Swoon and before the next intense quilt, I usually pick something simpler to work on. Occasionally my plan backfires and my simple turns into something hugely complicated (like Rafters) but Pisces didn't. It was the perfect relaxing quilt to work on.

I think I'm finally coming around to the idea that I don't have to quilt every quilt to death, and quilts that are not quilted to death can still be interesting and beautiful. Because I'm very happy with how Pisces turned out!


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  1. This is great, and sure does have plenty of quilting on it. I just watched “Betty Crocker-a..” on MQG and have the templates I bought at Quilt Con, don’t have a plan yet but this gives me some ideas. (PS NNtR no need to reply, just like saying hello!)

  2. I'm sorry to hear you weren't able to attend Sharon's class, but I'm glad you stuck with it and made the quilt anyway. The black and white background really sets off the bright arches and your quilting is a great compliment to the design.

  3. How disappointing not to be able to get to the class, but you got your quilt done and it is another beauty! Always fun to see how you quilt it, too! When you get tired of this one, you can send it my way (wink).

  4. The straight lines really do pop out, and the curved designs are more subtle. But once I started looking, those motifs became dominant to my eye. Then the black and white moved to the forefront, and then the curved arches. This one is like an optical illusion! So cool! :)

  5. ooo I love that colorgirl pattern and I hope to make one one day. :)

  6. Your quilt looks beautiful and the quilting is perfect!

  7. Beautiful quilt! Love the idea of different quilt designs under the arches! I also like the black and white background with the bright arches! Great job!

  8. That is sooo beautiful, Liz! I love seeing your creative quilting ideas, with every quilt. I'm glad to hear you turned around and went home after getting stuck in the snow. And even better that you persevered and made the quilt on your own--great job!

  9. Beautiful quilt. Love the quilting too.


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