Thursday, January 30, 2020

Camden Road Quilt Along

I love quilt-alongs and it's very exciting to decide to join one, so I was delighted to know that the Camden Road quilt-along has started!

Camden Road is a pattern designed by Cheryl Brickey, and I love that it's fat-quarter friendly. I have way too many bundles, and I know I should stop buying bundles without a plan, but I just can't stop! But I'm always happy to find a fat-quarter friendly quilt that allows me to use up a bundle I've been hoarding.

After a long audition process that involved at least 8 different candidates, 3 last-minute mind changes, a lot of guilt, and more time than I want to admit to spending, I finally decided to use up one of my most precious bundles, which is Hand Maker by Natalie Barnes.

Even though this pattern calls for 4-at-a-time flying geese, I prefer the traditional way of making geese, as I tend to get much better results. Usually I end up with a lot of half-square triangles that I feel guilty about throwing away, but these are small enough that I don't feel that guilt.

I know, I didn't wait for the quilt-along to finish! I usually don't, as once I'm excited about a project, well, I don't want to stop! I really love this quilt top, and certainly this is a better place for the fabrics than languishing, all wrapped up, on a shelf. (If only I can convince myself to cut up precious bundles more frequently ...)


  1. You are a speed demon! I love this and the grey really helps make those colors pop.

  2. Oh wow, Liz! I love it - the fabric is perfect for the design! Whoever dreamt up the whole fat quarter bundle thing was a genius - it's like catnip for quilters! You made a good choice for your most precious bundle.

  3. Wow those fabrics look fabulous with the gray, and you have chosen a beautiful block to showcase them.

  4. Oh my, you are on the move, Liz! I love the bundle you used! It looks great! Also looking longingly at your Tula rotary cutter!!!

  5. Lovely choice for this fabric!

  6. Wow, that looks great! And you sure were speedy!

  7. Great top! And I am in general the opposite: I start but almost never finish in time or like today, just last minute :) Stay well! xo Melanie


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