Friday, June 7, 2019

Harris Clutch Wallet

I've clearly been on a clutch wallet kick lately, because even though I only made the Day Trip Cell Phone Wallet a month or so ago, I just finished another clutch wallet: the Harris Clutch Wallet by Diane Spencer Ogg.

What made me particularly excited about this wallet is the fabric I used. While auditioning for this, I found some yardage in my collection that I totally forgot about. I've come to the point in my stash where I no longer really know what I have, apparently. (But that's a problem for another day.) I was very excited to see this fabric, and immediately knew it would be perfect.

This wallet won't hold that much, but it holds my phone and my cards, which really is all I need most of the time anyway. It was a very quick make, even though I had to resew some parts because I misunderstood the instructions. I'm pretty happy with it, overall!


  1. I agree that the fabric is fabulous -- so pretty! You did a great job. I'm not sure I'd tackle something like that (ok, I know I wouldn't!).

  2. That fabric is awesome and I love the little details like the metal snap and clip for the handle.

  3. Love it! And that really is a fabulous fabric! Perfect for a great wallet!

  4. I love the design. Your fabrics definitely make it stunning, Liz! You came up with all the professional hardware, too, I see. Nice!


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