Friday, August 31, 2018

Cross My Paws

A few weeks ago my daughter and I finished piecing a quilt together called Cross My Paws. The pattern is from Amy Gibson's Craftsy class, The Twisted Irish Chain.

My daughter loves puppies and has since I can remember. I've made 3 quilts specifically for her so far, and all of them featured puppies. The first one is my second quilt ever, and it was a tied quilt. The second one was a paper pieced quilt that took forever and ever.

And this is the 3rd one which I just finished. What's special about this quilt is that not only did she decide the fabric placement, she even helped to sew it!

I kept the quilting fairly simple, with continuous curves in 9-patches. I love quilting continuous curves but if I don't pay attention, I can accidentally close myself off. It's a teeny bit of a brain puzzle, and I love it!

I quilted some straight lines in all the gray areas to really emphasize the X of the chains. But in the white areas, I quilted swirls ... and embedded some words into it. I've always wanted to try this technique, and I thought this is a good opportunity. But as it turns out, it was hard! I found it challenging to break out of the rhythm of the swirls to quilt a word, and I also had trouble remembering how to write in cursive. It's been years! But I hope she will have a fun time looking for her name and other words I quilted into this quilt.

I hope she enjoys this one as much as the others!


  1. I hope she enjoys the quilt especially knowing that she helped to create it!

  2. What a pretty quilt, and how fun that the two of you designed it together! (Your daughter is adorable, by the way!) The paper-pieced dogs must certainly have taken forever and ever, but sure is a cute quilt too!

  3. Aww, how sweet!!! Such simple and effective quilting! That's so much fun that all three of her quilts are puppy related. I have a daughter who is all about dogs, too, and she's 27! Your daughter looks very happy with her new quilt that she helped sew.

  4. What a cute quilt! But your daughter is even cuter! Love her sweet smile :)

  5. How sweet, adorable and so cute! And your quilt is nice too. It's very special that the two of you have a quilt to share memories now and hope it's the start of "Our Quilts". Besides your wonderful quilting now, I'll always look forward to seeing photos of your sweetie.

  6. What a fun memory and fun quilt! I love seeing her on the quilt and she looks so proud. I think m son had 3 no 4 quilts made specifically for him. I loved doing that and always look forward to the ones I make for special children.

  7. How cute--both quilt and daughter! I love that you quilted in words and it looks great from an observer perspective. So fun!

  8. Such an adorable quilt, and your daughter as well !


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