Friday, May 18, 2018

Heart Builders Quilts

For the last few weeks, I've done nothing but churn out Heart Builders quilts one by one. Heart Builders is a charity program that was a part of Stash Builder Box, but then when Stash Builder Box got acquired by Cotton Cuts, Cotton Cuts was nice enough to continue the program.

I like the way that Heart Builders works because a team of piecers make quilt tops and then send it to the longarmer to be finished. That means I get to do my favorite part ... quilt! (The only downside is that I have to bind them too.)

First up is this green / brown quilt top made by Erica Nowak. As soon as I saw it, I knew what I wanted to do with it. The color scheme of this top is so evocative of forest and nature that I knew I wanted to do an allover leaves design. I was moderately comfortable with this design before I worked on this quilt, but after covering a quilt with it ... I'm now very comfortable!

Erica also sent me a green / lavender quilt. This one looked very flowery and sweet!

I also received quilt tops from Crystal Jordan. The first one I worked on is a blue / yellow quilt.

And last but not least, Crystal Jordan also sent me this adorable top with alphabet letters. I decided to do one of my all-time favorite designs ... swirls, of course!

Most of what I do is custom quilting, so I'm very used to working within a boundary and traveling via ditches. In a way, these allover quilts present a different kind of challenge. Here I have to work all around the quilt, make the designs seem random and not patterned, and most importantly, not get stuck in corners! That last bit is definitely still challenging, but I'm working on it!


  1. All of these quilt designs look great! I think I am going to have to try that leafy pattern. Was this one of Angela's? I know I've seen a tutorial for that recently but I can't remember where? I'm currently working on a quilt that I am doing a different motif in each fabric and this would be a good one. Your allover quilting is so consistent. I think it looks wonderful!

  2. These quilts look so wonderful with your all-over quilting designs! Heart Builders is a great program and I'm glad to hear that you are participating. If I was nearby, I'd volunteer to bind them for you because I actually like that part! :)

  3. Your quilting is wonderful. So interesting to look over. Thank you for doing this service, Liz!

  4. I’m glad that Cotton Cuts continued the Heart Builders effort, and your quilting for these quilts is stunning. :)

  5. All of them look wonderful! I think the hardest part of overall quilting is keeping the scale consistent over the whole quilt.


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