Friday, February 9, 2018

Candy Dish ~ Ready to Quilt

I don't post that many blog posts of works-in-progress, mostly because I don't remember to take in-progress photos. But I'm so excited about this quilt that I just have to post some work in progress shots!

A year ago I didn't think I would ever want to make a hexagon quilt. It just looked too complicated for me. But recently, I've been really wanting to make one ... or I probably just wanted an excuse to break out my Hex 'n More ruler again. It's just so fun to use that I actually look forward to the cutting process!

The fabric collection I'm using is True Colors by Anna Maria Horner, which has so many great prints. The pattern I'm using is Candy Dish by Julie Herman which is a pillow pattern, but I expanded it to a lap quilt so I can use pretty much all 20 fabrics in my bundle.

There's really not that much piecing other than attaching the triangles to the hexagons. This quilt is mostly about assembly, but it wasn't as hard as I expected. I once thought a quilt like this would be too hard to make, but apparently my piecing confidence has gone up, and now it no longer seems so daunting.

And I have a finished quilt ... top! I don't know when it'd get quilted, there are so many others in line, but I look forward to finishing it one day. In the mean time, maybe my brain will start brewing up some ideas about quilting it ... subconsciously. One can hope!


  1. Love those fabrics! I have some of those AMH fabrics, too, and they are luscious. I can relate to that thought--any excuse to break out the Hex N More ruler!!! Looking forward to your quilting.

  2. I like how the big hexagons show off the great prints! Lovely top!

  3. Very pretty! I'm glad you felt you could tackle hexagons. They really do make a nice tiling pattern. Hexagons without the interstitial triangles are more daunting because they require Y-seams. I did one small piece that way and decided those helper triangles were priceless!!

  4. Great quilt top, I really like the prints you chose with the little white points.

  5. I love this top and can't wait to see the wonderful quilt which awaits it. Those white triangles are screaming for you. I made a hexie quilt several years ago and used my die cutter which really made it nice and easy. And assembling the top is easier than it looks. Happy sewing! The weather is perfect for it.

  6. You did it again! Another great top and look forward to seeing it with your lovely quilting.


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