Friday, November 24, 2017

Sweet Pea Pods

Happy Black Friday! This week I finished a set of Sweet Pea pods, from the Craftsy class Zippered Bags With A Twist with Joan Hawley. I previously took her Zip-It Up class, and enjoyed it enough that I'm taking this one.

The twist in these bags is that the zipper is actually a one-way zipper. Instead of the traditional zipper, we disassemble a zipper and only use one side of it. I've never seen it before this class, and I must say it's quite an intriguing technique! (I'll also say it isn't very fun to put the zipper pull back onto the zipper.)

When I first saw the pattern for the Sweet Pea bag, I immediately thought of the triangle fabrics I had left from the Bendy bag. As it turns out, Joan specifically designed the Sweet Pea pod so she could use leftover triangles from her many Bendy bags. Each Bendy leaves enough fabric for 2 Sweet Pea pods. I love it when fabric (and batting) doesn't go to waste!

The pods took almost no time at all to assemble. I love how I was able to use the leftover fabrics from another project, and the zipper technique was interesting. There are 2 more projects in this class, and I look forward to making them!

But before that ... I'm going to take advantage of the best fabric deals of the year!


Link parties joined: Crazy Mom Quilts.


  1. Sweet little pods but I really hate zippers even though I have a collection of them. I should check out the Joan Hawley's class since I do like her method of making things. BTW, I took part in the best fabric deals of the year and bought Chroma, sort of your fault since you pointed out I use Alison Glass fabrics,

  2. Great little bags!! For gifting or for keeping. :o))


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