About Me

So, a little about me. Or maybe a whole lot.

I primarily identify as a quilter, but I also knit and sometimes I crochet or weave. Mostly, I am a crafter. I've been making things since I was 10, though I stopped for a number of years during high school, college, and my subsequent career in the software industry. After 6 years in the software industry, I was pretty burnt out, so I left my job, and suddenly I was left with too much time and not enough to do. I decided to craft again.

I started knitting shorty after my first child was born, after a friend in church showed me how. For a few years after that, I was addicted to knitting and yarn. I made many, many accessories and learned a lot of different skills. I was having so much fun, and it became my emotional outlet and sanity keeper against all the frustrations a first time mom deals with.

I could have knit on forever, but while I was 7 months pregnant with my second child, quilting caught my eye. Before that, I associated quilts with vintage and grandma, and that just wasn't my style. But when I saw those bright, fresh, beautiful modern quilts, I was instantly intrigued. I signed up for classes, and soon, I was quilting so much that kitting became a sideshow. I was mesmerized by all the beautiful fabrics, and the magical ways you can cut them and piece them back to make something even better. I started making quilts, and though it was a lot harder than I anticipated, I kept going. Soon after that, I discovered free-motion, what I call doodle quilting, and that took my love for quilts to a new level of high.

Besides crafting, I also am a pianist and enjoy playing and arranging music. I live with my husband and two kids in Chicagoland, where the cold winters just give plenty of excuses for snuggling under quilts.

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