Saturday, August 18, 2018

#100Days100Blocks2018 Blocks 36 - 42

We're at week 6 of the #100Days100Blocks2018 quilt along. I'm happy to say that I'm still going, but I'm definitely having second thoughts about doing two quilts instead of one ...








Friday, August 17, 2018

Cross My Paws ~ Ready to Quilt

My 6-year-old is constantly telling me she wanted to learn to quilt. Of course, I knew the attention span of a 6-year-old, but I thought it might be fun to teach her a little bit about the process, and maybe even have her sew some of it.

So, one sunny Saturday we got to work. I pulled out a bunch of fat quarters from Riley Blake with a puppy theme on them since she's obsessed with puppies, and we chose the pattern Cross My Heart by Amy Gibson which features a combination of 9-patches and giant half-square triangles. I cut the pieces and she arranged them to her liking on the design wall. After that, it was sewing time!

I put a piece of washi tape down the quarter-inch line, turned the speed down on the sewing machine, and then showed her how to gently guide the edge of the fabric along the tape while using the foot pedal. I helped her a bit with the guiding part, but I was pretty impressed with the seams she sewed, it actually looked pretty good!

We came back the week after and worked on the half-square triangles, which I cut and drew the line down in advance. She again helped sew those. They were actually easier than the 9-patches because I have to trim the HSTs down anyway so it's very forgiving.

She helped me lay it out on the design wall and although she started to assemble it, she quickly got bored and asked me to finish it. I don't blame her ... assembly is no fun, even for me!

I hope to get this quilted soon. I had debated having her quilt it on my longarm, but she's just not tall enough nor strong enough to maneuver the machine. A few more years and she'll be ready, though!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

#100Days100Blocks2018 Blocks 29 - 35

Week 5 of the #100Days100Blocks2018 challenge means that I've hit about midpoint. I plan to make 64 blocks with the Pacific colorway and 70 blocks with the black and white colorway. This week is the last of the rectangles section.








Friday, August 10, 2018

Wintergreen Pillow

I first met Tara Curtis of WEFTY a little less than a year ago at Quilt Expo in Madison. The fabric weaving technique she demonstrated were amazing, so I purchased a WEFTY right then and there. But then, it just sat there. I kept meaning to try it, but having to get a foam board and mark it, having to prepare fabric strips, and having to learn the weaving technique all became barriers that I just didn't want to cross.

But when my quilt guild invited Tara to teach her WEFTY needle technique, I jumped at the chance to sign up. I knew that taking a class with her in person was just the ticket to get me started on this really cool technique.

The night before the class, I finally did my fabric pulls and I chose 3 coordinating fabrics from Blithe by Katarina Roccella. It was a wintery collection, yet it didn't feel overly seasonal, which I love.

When I got to class the next day, Tara had us describe how we were feeling. I said I was ecstatic, and I really was. I was so excited to finally learn this technique! WEFTY weaving was incredibly fun and so satisfying. It was magical to watch everything come together, and even though sometimes I made mistakes, they were easily fixable.

I didn't want to steam the foam board so that it would last a bit longer, so instead of ironing the fabric strips to the fusible interfacing beneath, I took a friend's advice and used painter's tape to secure the edges before removing the pins. It worked like a charm! I was faced with a beautiful panel to do anything with, but I decided the panel was the perfect size for a pillow.

Now that I've gotten my first taste of WEFTY weaving, I'm excited to try some more!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

#100Days100Blocks2018 Blocks 22 - 28

We're at the end of week 4 of the #100Days100Blocks2018 quilt along. I'm getting closer to the halfway point, after which I hope it will be a downhill slide!








Friday, August 3, 2018


I feel like this deserves a celebration. I finally finished my first curved piecing quilt!

The pattern is 9-Patch Arcs from Quilter's Mixology by Angela Pingel, and I love how the clever combination of 4-patches and 9-patches give this quilt a very interesting look. The fabric I used is Modern Background in Luster by Zen Chic. I absolutely love metallics, so working on this quilt was quite fun despite my frequent frustrations with the curved piecing!

I'm still lousy at curved piecing. My finished blocks are distorted severely, but I learned that the secret to curved piecing is also my secret to piecing perfect half-square triangles and flying geese: make them big and trim them down! I waste a lot more fabric this way, but if it's the only way that works for me, I'm taking it.

Even though I like to match thread most of the time, I don't generally quilt black on black. Not only is it difficult to see when I'm working on it, but it's also difficult to see the work when the quilt is finished. I used a golden yellow instead which was lots of fun, but even yellow seems to blend in!

In the background I quilted more densely with a matching thread. This part was so hard because I literally could not see where I was going. My machine's bright LED lights doesn't have an off switch, so in the areas of white thread on low-volume fabrics, I basically had to guesstimate.

The dot-to-dot designs I added ended up looking like different types of starbursts, which I had not planned, but that's the great thing about dot-to-dot designs. It always ends up looking like something!

Now that I've completed my first curved piecing quilt, I'm sure there will be more to come. I really love the way curves look, so it's worth the extra fabric to me!


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