Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hello Pfaff

I've been thinking about a new machine for awhile, but the choices were so overwhelming. Not knowing exactly what I wanted, and not knowing even what I wanted to spend, there were a dizzying array of options out there. In knitting I invested in the best tools immediately. But a full set of Signature Circular needles was ... about $400+. The best sewing machine on the market seems to be Bernina, price wise, but it went anywhere from a few thousand to a few TENS of thousand dollars! I wasn't sure, even at the low end, if it was worth it. I decided though that the following features were absolutely essential for me:

  • Automatic needle threader
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • Large throat space for quilting
  • Adjustable needle positions (my Brother had 3)
  • ...

    Well, all this in addition to a great straight stitch and zigzag stitch, of course.

    At some point of my searching I read about Pfaff machines. Immediately I was intrigued, because I loved the idea of the IDT. An integrated walking foot ... how great is that! I loved that idea, and I loved loved loved how the machines looked. I was also totally seduced by the Expression Quilt on the Pfaff site. (I know it had nothing to do with the machine itself, I can do it with other machines, but it contributed to the overall feel of the machine, the association with the beautiful modern quilt.) I decided to look into them. The nearest Pfaff dealer was Linda Z in Arlington Heights, so I decided to visit them when Jon had a day off. It was a little intimidating as I was a pretty new sewer/quilter still.

    I ended up deciding on the Pfaff Expression 3.5. The Quilter Expression 4.2 was nice, and had 2 additional features that were nice, including adjustable presser foot pressure, but I couldn't justify the price tag, which was $2700. My 3.5 was expensive enough, after all! I thought it was funny, my Brother was $150 ... the Pfaff was $1500, I sure hope my next machine, if I ever get one, isn't a $15,000 Bernina. I can't imagine upgrading right now though. At most, to the Quilter Expression 4.2, but I hope I won't need to. The salespeople tried to convince me into the embroidery machines, but while they were nice, I wasn't all that interested. What's the fun of watching the machine do it for you, anyway? Plus, the pricetag was like $6500 ... to start.

    Anyway, I took my machine home the next day, and I kept my Brother machine too, just in case Kaylee or Tristan wanted to sew in the future. I sure didn't want them using my fancy machine. I'm really, really, really happy with it so far. I did buy a service plan for it, just in case, but so far I'm totally in love with my new machine.

    I do need to buy some more accessories for it in the future, more feet, but they're really expensive so I need to take it slow or my budget will suffer seriously.

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